“Believe you can, and you’re halfway there.”

“Believe you can, and you’re halfway there.”

~ Theodore Roosevelt

At Crossroads Jobs we believe that people are wired to work.  A job not only provides sustenance, but the very real and human need to contribute and be part of the whole.

Over the years we have interviewed hundreds of job seekers, each with their own sacred story.  In Loudoun County, and other prosperous places, it’s easy to overlook the struggles that some of our neighbors face. Crossroads Jobs provides free, individualized job search and job placement services for anyone actively searching for work. The “individualized” aspect of our program lends itself to people who are experiencing barriers to employment.

Barriers include any conditions that may make employment difficult. Things such as: lacking adequate housing, clothing or food; limited English speaking ability, a criminal record; a lack of education, work experience, credentials, transportation, or child care arrangements. A gap in work history or simply a lack of confidence can also present a barrier to employment.

In the weeks ahead we will share stories of job search struggles experienced by people living in our community. Our hope is to raise awareness and empathy, building bridges within Loudoun.

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