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Mary Tett

The Mary Tett Bridge Fund (MTBF) provides financial support for Crossroads Jobs applicants during their job search and/or in the first week or two of a new job.  The fund was named in memory and honor of Mary B. Tett, a dedicated volunteer for the Loudoun Free Clinic, the Arc of Loudon, the Friends of Homeless animals, and other organizations in Loudoun County.  The support provided by this fund, is tailored to the specific needs of the applicant, including, but not limited to SmarTrip cards/bus passes, gas cards, interview attire, new job attire, identification card or work permit fees, phone reactivation, purchase of a bike for non-drivers, etc.

Most of our applicants are experiencing barriers to employment. These can include lack of transportation, criminal history, inadequate childcare options, gaps in work history, disability, housing insecurity, and age discrimination, among others. Getting and keeping a job while experiencing one or more of these barriers is overwhelming, but with the help of the Mary Tett Bridge Fund, we can assuage or remove specific barriers, enabling the applicant to focus on the job search and, when placed in a job, the job itself.

Knowing you have enough gas to get to and from a job or an interview allows you to focus on what is important. Having the right shoes or uniform for the first day and weeks of work can make all the difference. Getting a new picture I.D. to replace one that was lost, misplaced, or stolen, is essential in securing a job.

Individuals who donate to the MTBF are making a difference in the lives of our neighbors. All donations made to the fund are kept separate from our program budget and are restricted for specific purposes. All donations to Crossroads Jobs are fully tax-deductible. We are grateful for the generosity of MTBF donors. If you want to read about how the Mary Tett Bridge Fund changes lives, please check out our Intersections newsletters, which are on the website!

Here are a couple of examples of individuals who have benefited from the MTBF.


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