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A friend referred me to Crossroads Jobs when I was thinking about leaving my current job and finding one that was more suitable an environment. After going through their program entry process which starts with an orientation class, I met with my job counselor and we went over my resume, my goals and what my financial needs were. She was excellent at getting a sense for what would be suitable for me and had many ideas on how to start that pursuit. She covered all areas of possible needs, including interview attire, and ideas of where to get that. Within 3 weeks of resigning from my job I had a job offer that I accepted, and am happier here than I have been anywhere for the last couple of years. Crossroads is proactive as soon as they know you need employment, the staff is wonderful and their desire to have everyone succeed and be gainfully employed is genuine and a pursuit they take seriously. They help those that may find it difficult to rejoin the workforce to those that have always worked. They are a noble organization.

I cannot thank you enough for your help and support in my job search process. If you remember, I really had given up on the job after applying so many times. Without your encouragement, I would not have applied. Thank you for all you have done for me! This job has been life-changing! THANK YOU!! If there is anything I can do to support you and your business, please let me know.
~Name withheld by request

I’m currently employed, but I was looking for job for a very long time, but unfortunately I couldn’t find anything. I was looking for something where I can make an impact on people and as well on myself and my little family. A close friend of mine told me about crossroads.jobs. She said that they help people to find jobs. At the beginning, I was doubtful that I will find the ideal job until I met Yanci Portillo an incredible human being. She welcome me without knowing me. She suggested that I do a workshop to prepare myself during interviews and so on. She was always in constant contact with me by phone and by email and always lifted my spirit when I became Discouraged. Her persistence and encouragement was an incredible boost to my moral. She helped me from the beginning to end to find the job that suits me best and I did. I found something where I will be able to help the community. I’m so thankful for crossroads.job. They are not only job seeker organization. They want to make sure you find the ideal job. I recommend this organization because I’m completely sure that they will change your life as they changed mine. Thank you so much Yanci. You rock!!

As a job seeker, my experience with the nonprofit organization Crossroads Jobs has been positive, supportive, and emotionally uplifting.  The wonderful services Crossroads provides are essential in keeping our citizens and businesses in our community thriving.  Their ongoing assistance with job leads, informative classes/programs, along with their friendly teamwork attitude, has helped me, as well as many others. I hope that this important mission of Crossroads Jobs will be able to continue, as this honorable community service is greatly needed in our town.

Crossroads Jobs has evaluated, and helped two people I know well.  They needed help navigating computer applications, and getting beyond the machines to interviews. Crossroads staff counseled, taught, helped word resumes, and call potential employers as an intermediary so their present skills could shine.  Not every interview or lead resulted in a job, but each step improved their confidence, and skill to better prepare them for the workplace.  I am very grateful.  I heartily recommend Crossroad Jobs.
~ Leslie 

I would like to say that Crossroad Jobs has been of great help in my job search. I had a lot of support as well as a great experience. I truly thank you for taking a time to help me in my job search.  Thank you for everything you have done with me.
~ Maria 

My experience has been pleasurable.  The staff is very supportive and caring, and goes out of their way to help you, from the heart
~ Melanie 

In these tough times when the job market is very competitive, Crossroads Job Inc. is the solution for people who need help getting their foot on the door in the job field.
~ Liz 

Everything is going really good. Today marks my 1 year at _____! I am still looking for better opportunities all the time. Thank you for believing in me and giving me the guidance and tips needed to thrive. Hopefully we can meet in the near future for more workshops, training, etc. I am always attempting to sharpen my sword! Thanks again Carol!
~ Kevin

I hope you are ok. I wanted to let you know that I've got a job and I am really happy for it. I just wanted to thank you and all the Crossroads Jobs team for your great support and advice on the job search and I wish you the best!
~ Jorge

I’ll take this opportunity to say a long-overdue “thank you” for all you’ve helped me with so far--our one-on-one meeting, the group workshops--a few weeks ago.
~ Joyce

Thank you so much for telling me about the Stone Springs Hospital. As we all know, I was let go from my old job. I was looking for a job to take care of my two daughters. I went to the post office one day to get my letter and it was there that I saw the phone number for cross road jobs. I picked the number and I called. And I was able to talk to Mrs. Carol Smith. She invited me to come in which I did and she showed me some stuff that I had no clue about. She also helped me with my resume and told me about jobs that was hiring. Through crossroad jobs, I got to know about the new hospital. I applied for it, and I got it. And now I am so happy .Thank you so much Mrs. Carol Smith. May the Good lord bless you and your family.
~ Anita

It's because of your phone call that I have secured a new position with Waltonwood Senior Living!! I begin on 10/2/17 as a member of the concierge team. Waltonwood is not open just yet, but anticipates opening the facility to the public in the beginning of November.
I'm so happy that we connected and I thank you again for listening, understanding, and recommending this fair. My family appreciates you and Crossroads Jobs.  I, now, will begin to try and rebuild my life, so that I can my son off to college knowing we will be ok!
~ Dawn

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for all you are doing to assist me.  These past few months of job searching have been very discouraging.  After meeting you, I am finally starting to see a glimpse of hope on the horizon!  Thank you for the incredible work you do in helping us folks in these desperate times!
~ Melissa

Thank you for your orientation to Crossroads Jobs this morning.  Your explanation of what to expect during the process as well as outlining our responsibilities in completing that "picture of ourselves" was clear, concise, and easy to understand. Your gracious support throughout the process and following job placement is very encouraging. Everyone needs a "friend" to walk beside them during difficult times and a job search certainly falls into that category.

Thank you for your time, constructive information and encouragement. I look forward to working with you during this process.
~ Shirley

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