Overcoming Employment Barriers

“Overcoming Employment Barriers with the Mary Tett Bridge Fund”

Many of our applicants experience barriers to employment, so our amazing board chair, John Tett, created a fund in loving memory of his late wife, Mary, to provide a bridge for CJ applicants during the job search and in the initial stages of their new job. Several friends and family of John & Mary have donated generously to this fund. This year, the Mary Tett Bridge Fund has provided SmarTrip cards to several applicants and has assisted one applicant in replacing his lost driver’s license. Another was provided with business cards for his taxi business. We also purchased interviewing attire for an applicant who was not able to find the right size at a local thrift store. This fund is crucial for job search and job retention. We are grateful!

Henry was referred to us by another local nonprofit. He had spent time in the Loudoun Adult Detention Center for a probation infraction from a conviction several years ago. During his interview with us he agreed that getting a job quickly to rebuild his work history was paramount. A job interview was arranged, but because of his situation, he did not have money for transportation. We covered the cost through the Mary Tett Bridge Fund. The interview went well, and he was hired!




Carol L. Smith

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