Cherrell’s Perseverance

“Cherrell’s Perseverance”

Cherrell first came to Crossroads Jobs (CJ) in June 2021, looking for a job. She had been treated for cancer in 2014, had undergone a kidney transplant, and experienced side effects from treatments that left her legally blind. After having been an Alexandria City Schools bus driver for 6 years, and an early childhood teaching assistant/bus driver for 14 years, Cherrell came to us with aspirations and ambitions. Her medical diagnosis has left her unable to drive, but she is a “worker bee” and said she was very willing to do housekeeping until she could find something more suitable.
While looking for a position, CJ connected Cherrell with the Northern VA Department for the Blind & Vision Impaired (DBVI) office who assisted with technology in her home to increase her independence and use of email and phone messages. DBVI also provided some initial mobility training. She worked closely with her Crossroads counselor and was placed in a housekeeping job which she kept for over a year before applying for a bus driver attendant training program, but her visual impairment presented safety issues for that particular position. She and her job counselor continued to look for the right fit and recently, Cherrell accepted a job with La Petite Academy in Leesburg as a housekeeping attendant and to fill in for the center teachers. She has been on the job for over a month and loves it! The picture shows Cherrell with her supervisors at work.



Carol L. Smith

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