Another Success Story!

Here’s what a recent job candidate had to say about Yanci, one of our job counselors:

My name is Daysi. I’m currently employed, but I was looking for job for a very long time, but unfortunately I couldn’t find anything. I was looking for something where I can make an impact on people and as well on myself and my little family. A close friend of mine told me about Crossroads Jobs. She said that they help people to find jobs. At the beginning, I was doubtful that I will find the ideal job until I met Yanci Portillo an incredible human being. She welcome me without knowing me. She suggested that I do a workshop to prepare myself during interviews and so on. She was always in constant contact with me by phone and by email and always lifted my spirit when I became Discouraged. Her persistence and encouragement was an incredible boost to my moral. She helped me from the beginning to end to find the job that suits me best and I did. I found something where I will be able to help the community. I’m so thankful for Crossroads Jobs. They are not only job seeker organization. They want to make sure you find the ideal job. I recommend this organization because I’m completely sure that they will change your life as they changed mine. Thank you so much Yanci. You rock!!

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