Aldo’s Success Story!

Aldo was referred by the parent liaison at his son’s elementary school. When Aldo came to us, he had lost his job due to a misunderstanding with immigration. He was able to clear up the immigration error, but without an income, his cell phone was disconnected, and he was not able to communicate with his employer. Not having an income caused problems at home, too,  since he was the main provider for his family. He was desperate to find a job but had no means of communication. During the interview with Aldo, it was evident that he is a hard worker and was willing to work and learn any job.

We reactivated his phone line, using funds from the Mary Tett Bridge funds, and we contacted a local landscaping company. When his job counselor explained that he had landscaping experience, they were willing to interview him right away.

Aldo was interviewed and hired the next day.  He is now working full-time earning a decent income and grateful that he came to Crossroads Jobs for assistance. Another superstar applicant success story!



Carol L. Smith

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